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Lesbian Poetry


By Christina McArthur

After all of these years,
Confusion and tears.
After all of this time,
My heart being blind.
Thinking that there was no such thing as the "best",
No such thing as complete and utter "happiness".
Then came the day that forever changed my views,
that long awaited day when I met you.
You opened my eyes without effort at all,
You opened my heart and in love I did fall.

Never have I met one so kind and so wise,
A natural wonder in disguise.
Your street smarts protect me and "keep it right",
Your loving arms embrace me all through the night.
With you I am safe, protected and admired,
You fill me with joy, awe and desire.

You're strong and daring, you're gentle and kind,
You have a heart of gold and a beautiful mind.
My love for you makes me smile, laugh and cry,
With you forever I want to live and to die.

Woman to woman, lovers and friends,
With you I will stay through the very end.
Woman to woman in and out of the covers,
We will forever continue to be partners and lovers.
--------------- Dedicated to the love of my
--------------- life........Lynn

------------------ Christina M. McArthur

...Never Never Land...
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